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Swing Bed Skilled Care

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United Hospital District’s swing bed program provides care to patients no longer requiring acute care, but in need some skilled nursing care. Swing beds provide short term, skilled care for up to 20 days at a reduced hospital rate.

To be eligible for swing bed coverage, you must require an identifiable daily skilled service that can only be received as an inpatient of a skilled nursing facility. To be eligible for a swing bed, one of the following extended skilled nursing care criteria must be met:

  • Fractured hip
  • Chronic disability
  • Terminal illness in a deteriorating state
  • Recent major surgical procedure
  • Recent serious illness

Services provided are in accordance with the Minnesota State Law on Patients and Residents Bill of Rights and with the Medicare requirements for a certified swing bed program. Services provided include:

  • Dental
  • Social services (discharge planning)
  • Occupation, speech and physical therapy