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United Hospital District offers secure telehealth visits with many UHD healthcare providers. This option allows you to have an appointment with your provider without leaving your home. Some patients find this especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also allows us to limit exposure and practice social distancing in our lobbies.

To schedule a telehealth visit at UHD, call 507-526-7388.  

What is a telehealth visit?

Telehealth visits are audio and video visits with your provider using your tablet, smartphone, or any other internet-connect computer or device with the camera and microphone enabled (turned on). Telehealth visits are secure and also HIPAA-compliant.

UHD providers will continue to see patients in the clinic setting, following strict cleaning protocols for patient safety, when the visit, therapy or procedure is not an option for telehealth.

Is telehealth right for me?

Telehealth may be an option when you can’t have an in-person appointment with your UHD provider at one of our clinics. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved access for patients with scheduling or transportation challenges
  • Requires less travel time to appointments
  • Less travel also means less time away from work or family
  • Reduces exposure risk to COVID-19 and other viruses
  • Can expand the range of access to specialists located farther away
  • Allows your healthcare provider to monitor your health wherever you are located
  • Can help you achieve or maintain your personal health care goals

What types of visits can be done via telehealth at United Hospital District?

Not all types of patient visits can be done via telehealth but is appropriate for some types of initial visits and follow up visits. At UHD, we currently offer telehealth appointments related to these services:

  • Cardiology
  • Dietician services, including nutrition counseling
  • ENT
  • Family Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Mental Health
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology

Telehealth is an especially good option for Mental Health visits because there is no need for a physical exam.

Is telehealth covered by health insurance?

Telehealth visits are covered by most insurance companies as a face-to-face visit. Patients should always call their insurance company with questions.

If you need to schedule an appointment at UHD, ask if a telehealth visit is a good option for you.

Call (507) 526-7388 to inquire.


Telehealth technology

How does a telehealth visit work?

Telehealth visits are very easy for our patients. The requirements are:

  • A mobile device (cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer)
  • Reliable internet service

When you call to make a telehealth appointment, we’ll make sure you understand the process.

Tips for a successful telehealth visit

A telehealth visit will feel much like a regular office visit. Dress and sit yourself comfortably and be prepared to speak frankly with your healthcare provider. Before you connect to your telehealth appointment, consider these tips:

  • Have some paper and a pen handy, in case you need to take notes or write down instructions from your provider.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in to a power source.
  • Make sure you have a reliable and secure internet connection.
  • Minimize any other applications or websites that are running on your device.
  • Make sure no one else in your household is streaming during your visit. This means no gaming, YouTube, Netflix or so on. Keeping these off in the background will reduce internet interruptions.
  • Place the camera down on a steady surface, instead of holding your device.
  • Have your phone ready in case we need to call you for any reason.